Nudism ,or naturism , is the practice of going nude or unclothed in social and usually mixed gender groups.

Nudism is based upon the idea that people are about being the way we were born. Human beings have been supposed to be nude except when the weather dictated otherwise for most of our history.

Because of the overbearing religious beliefs in America,  Europeans have enjoyed more personal freedoms than Americans. Nude  beaches are not uncommon in many parts of Europe. Modern nudism began in Germany and France. A nudist resort city on the Mediterranean, Cap d’ Agde, now exists in France. If you go to France, do not look for naked beaches there. Liberated French people enjoy the freedom to walk uninhibited by clothes on the beach. Beach nudity has become acceptable in Denmark and Netherlands for the last decades.

But it turns out that Croatia is the paradise for nudists. The most popular nudist place there is Istria peninsula. Nudists can swim or suntan naked. They can even walk naked in the streets. You can also walk naked in Dalmatia.

Another popular naturist destination in Mediterranean is the Greek island Crete. The islands of the Aegean Sea, the Cyclades, are luxury resorts geared toward wealthy tourists willing to tan naked. Some Greek islands such as Andros, Tinos, and Serifos are places for gay men.

Nudity in general is acceptable in Spain. There have been many public nudist beaches for almost 40 years. The most well known is Ses Salines on Ibiza.

Unique naturist area is located on Jamaica, in the town of Negril. This is a location, where only nude people live: the hotels, restaurants, casinos, parking areas are full of naked people, who live their casual lives absolutely nude. Another remarkable place in Negril is Hedonism II, the headquarter of public nudity and liberal sex.

It may seem weird, but there are not many nudists’ places in sexually liberated America. American Association for Nude Recreation is a trusted source for nudist information in the USA.

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